Screen printing frames can be expensive. And the better the quality of the frames, the more you should expect to pay for them. Sometimes you can find used screen printing frames. A good place to look is on eBay. You can generally find anything on eBay including reclaimed screen printing frames. Even new frames can sometimes be found for good prices. Be sure to know what you are getting. If you get a bunch of frames that are completely trashed, they aren’t going to do you much good. You might be able to find quality frames that are missing the mesh. Depending on the frames, the mesh might be able to be replaced. Be sure to compare the prices of the used screen printing frames against the prices for new screens. There is no sense in buying used screens unless you are going to get a good deal. And make sure they are the right size for your needs.

I have included an eBay search below in which you might find some used screen printing frames. Good luck!