Custom screen printed tshirts make great gifts. I have given away many t-shirts and sweatshirts as gifts. People really appreciate them.
One year for Christmas, I screen printed some custom sweatshirts for my dad and his wife. Since they are both avid golfers, I made up a fictional golf country club named after the street they live on. I found various country club logos, and then designed one that kind of looked like a real one. I use Adobe Photoshop, and used a shield shapes, and pasted some gold related clip art, etc to make a generic looking country club logo. I made one sweatshirt for him naming him Senior Golf Instructor (tweaking him about his age), and one for her naming her General Manager (putting her in charge). They turned out nice, and looked like legitimate golf country club sweatshirts.
I made a t-shirt for my mother with a drawing of our dog on it. I made t-shirts for my wife advertising her craft website. I some custom t-shirts for myself and a couple friends naming us the Goon Squad after a particullarly eventful karate black belt test where we got to attack the black belt candidates.
Custom made screen printed t-shirts can be a lot of fun, and will remind the people of a special event for years. Just think of how much more they will be appreciated than some generic store bought gift!