I belong to a running club with members that are all over the country. One of the members has a nephew that was diagnosed with leukemia. Our club had already been involved with a couple efforts to raise money for the family. I suggested that we have an auction at our annual pasta party to raise money. The officers and board members agreed that this would be a good idea. I decided I would go ahead and make some T-shirts that could be auctioned off. My plan was to make six or eight or even ten different T-shirts, each with a unique design. I started thinking about various sayings within our club, that are used on our message board. And also various inside jokes. And even other more generic running type things that people would find interesting. I started brainstorming, coming up with different ideas and writing them in a text document. When I came up with various ideas, I started working on the artwork. I didn’t have a whole a lot time to work on the T-shirts, and I’m not a graphic artist, so I kept the designs very simple. Most were mainly text. Much of the artwork was done in Microsoft Word. I could go ahead and print the sayings in large bold fonts in various font styles. Most would fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, but a few were larger. A few also integrated graphic elements. Printing one shirt of each design turned out to be a lot of work. I have three screens. I coated all three screens and let them dry overnight. Then I would print the designs on transparencies, and expose each screen one at a time which would take up to about an hour each. Then I would need to wash out the screen, leaving the design. I would have to wait for the screens to dry. Then I was able to print three different T-shirts, and leave those to dry. Then I would reclaim the screens, and have to wait for them to dry, so I could coat them again, and start the whole process over. Some of the designs integrated text and graphics, I didn’t bother integrating them in the original document within Microsoft Word. I simply printed out a couple different transparencies and overlapped them as I was exposing the screens. This was just much easier than trying to mess with with Adobe Photoshop. I printed about 10 different T-shirts. They were a big hit at our annual pasta party, and with my T-shirts and other things that were auctioned, a lot of money was raised for the child’s family. A sad note: the young boy passed away shortly after our party.