Occasionally we all make mistakes! And when you are printing a tee shirt or a sweatshirt, it kind of sucks to mess it up. T-shirts cost money! Sweatshirts cost money! If you are using water based ink and you goof, the shirts can probably be saved!
I was printing a couple one-off sweatshirts as gifts. These sweatshirts were thicker and software than I had printed before. And I was printing white on to a dark shirt which is hard enough. I had a hard time getting the design to be fully printed. The first time I tried, the logo was only partially printed on the shirt. So I carefully laid the screen back down on to the shirt and tried again. But now the design looked kind of blurred. I tried the other sweatshirt, and got the first design to print nice. But now I had a misprinted sweatshirt, and I still need to print another design onto a second shirt. I didn’t particularly want to go buy another one for $6 or $7 or $8 bucks, or whatever I paid. I wanted to try to save this one. The ink hadn’t been heat set yet. In fact, it hadn’t even dried yet.
So I quickly took the shirt down to my rinse tub where I have a hose attached, with a spray nozzle. I sprayed the not yet dried design with a strong jet of warm water. The design seemed to be washed away. I through the sweatshirt into the washing machine, and afterward the dryer. There was no sign of the misprinted design.
I took a couple more tried to get the design printed properlly on the sweatshirt. Fortunatly I didn’t have to go buy a new shirt.