I wanted to screen print some custom sweatshirts for my dad and his wife. I wanted to make something that look professional, but unique, and personalized for them. They are both love playing golf, and that gave me an idea. I would make up a ficticious country club, and design a logo for it. I used the name of their street for the name of the ficticious country club: Firestone Court Country Club. Searching around on the internet, I found a simple shield graphic. I loaded that into Photoshop, and cleaned it up, erasing some of the stuff that was already there. I found some more graphics of golf balls, and golf clubs. I played with these and used the golf ball graphics. I inserted a big cursive F and C inside the sheild. I added the name of the fake country club. I also added the name of their city and state so that they would know that these were personalized for them, and not coincidentally named after their street. I debated about addind their names, but decided against it. But I still wanted to add something else for some humor. So I labelled his sweatshirt “Senior Golf Instructor” to poke a little fun about his age. I labelled her sweat shirt “General Manager” to show that she was the boss. The shirts were fun to make, and I think they really enjoyed them.

Fake golf country club logo