I haven’t done any screen printing since last year. But I decided I want to make a few shirts as gifts. So I dug into the closet, and went through my screens. A couple have logos that I might want to print again sometime. But one screen had an image that I printed on a t-shirt for my nephew. So I pulled it out last night. I planned on reclaiming it this morning, but never got around to doing it. But tonight I took the time to clean it. I took it downstairs to the big wash sink in our utility room. I poured some of the stencil remover and brushed it around with a nylon bristle brush. Then I sprayed it with hot water. Very little of the emulsion came off. Well it has been on the screen for a long time! So I put some more stencil remover on the screen, and brushed it around. This time I left it to sit for a few minutes. Then I sprayed it again. This time most of the old emulsion came off. I sprinkled a little detergent on, and scrubbed it. I sprayed the screen again. I left the screen downstairs to dry. Hopefully tomorrow night I will be able to coat the screen.