I recently bought some new aluminum frame screen printing screens. But the screens were smaller than my old ones. So the scoop coater I had been using was too big to work with the new screens.
I search around for scoop coaters. I found a great deal on ebay, but hesitated to bid. They were selling the scoop coaters by the inch. And wasn’t quite sure how to bid on them. I should have emailed the seller. The auction ended, and I thought they would relist, but hey never did. They were the same people I bought my screens from. I ended up buying my scoop coater from another place that I found through Google shopping. The company is named Ryonet. With shipping it cost about $24 for a 13 inch scoop coater. The inside dimensions of my screens is actually 14 inches. And I found a thing that recommending buying a scoop coater 2-3 inches smaller than the inside dimension. But I sometimes print stuff that is 12 inches wide. So I will see how this works. I checked it out, and the new scoop coater does fit in the new screens.
Not sure when I will do some more screen printing. I did promise to print a shirt for a friend of mine. So maybe I will try them out on that.
The new scoop coater is a different design than my other scoop coater. The new one actually has two edges I can coat with. So if one becomes damaged, I can use the other. Though I have been using my other scoop coater for a long time, and never damaged the edge on that one.