I have been screen printing for years, and have always used wooden frames. Granted, I am not screen printing day in and day out. I just print when I have something I want to print. So the wooden frames have for to the most part held up. I have several of them that I have used for screen printing t-shirts. The frames themselves have gotten a little loose in the corners. The wood rough from repeatedly getting wet. Also, the cords that hold the screens to the frames came out on two of the three frames. I fixed them by stapling the screen to the frames. The screen has become a little looser over time. And I think the screen started to tear near one of the staples.
I have wanted some aluminum frames. Sure, I would totally love some expensive roller frames, and they would be ridiculous overkill for what I do in screen printing. I wanted just regular aluminum frames.
I saw on eBay a set of 6 aluminum frames with 125 mesh screen for under $100. What a deal. I went ahead and ordered them. I was out of town when they came, but my wife opened them. They had sent me wooden frames. What the heck? I emailed the company who said the warehouse made a mistake. They said send them back. They would give me $10 for return shipping. So I had my wife repack them, and ship them back. Since I was going to be out of town again, I arranged to have the new ones shipped to my work. They showed up quickly, and I took them home. They are welded aluminum frames with the screens pulled tight and glued to the frames. But I noticed they were smaller than my wood frames. Crap. But I looked at the auction information and found I had goofed. I ordered the frame with the outside dimensions that were the side as the inside dimensions of my wooden frames. I think they will still work. I haven’t tried them yet. I also needed to get a new scoop coater since, my other larger one won’t fit in the smaller frames.