I love Adobe Photoshop! I don’t even own the current version. In fact the version I use for making screen printing artwork is many years old. Yet even this antique version of Adobe Photoshop is my primary graphic editing tool! You could probably buy an old version of Adobe Photoshop on eBay for alomst nothing.
The feature I use the most is called layers. To envision how layers work, picture a small stack of transparent plastic sheets. You draw some design on one sheet, and then you can see it through the stack. Then on another sheet, you can draw another part of the design. Now when you stack them, you see both parts together. This is how layers work.
With layers, I usually start with a white background, and then create a transparent layer over it. I draw on the transparent layer in black. I might draw some design or whatever on this layer. If I decide I want to add text, I create another transparent layer. Then I put the text on this layer. Why the layers are so useful is that all of the elements are on separate layers. If I mess up on part, I can just redo that part without messing up the rest. I can move parts around easily without disturbing the rest of the parts.
The easiest way to create new layers in Photoshop is to select something on the current layer, and copy it to the clipboard using ctrl-c. If you have the little boox that displays the lays open, you will see a “floating layer”. This is a temporary layer that holds the stuff on the clipboard. Click on the floating layer label, and give it a name. The temporary “floating layer” will now become a regular layer that is nwo the top layer.
If you look at the box that displays the layers, you will see little eyes icons. The eyes show that that layer is visible. If you toggle the eye, that layer will become invisible. This is usefull if you want to see how something looks without a particular layer, but don’t want to get rid of the layer permanently.
When you are done, and the graphic looks like what you want it to, you can export the graphic as a tif, gif, or whatever other format you want. Adobe Photoshop will export your artwork to this new format as a SINGLE layer. Be sure to save your work in the Adobe Photoshop format as well. This will keep all of your layers. So if you want to come back and change your design, you will still have everything in layers.
Have fun!