Screen printing t-shirts is easy! It doesn’t even cost that much to get started screen printing. I started learning t shirt screen printing when I wanted to have a t shirt listing my karate website. I wanted the t shirt to look professionally screen printed, and not one of those cheesy looking inkjet iron-on transfer things. I bought a Speedball screen printing kit, and it got me started screen printing t shirts. I quickly outgrew the screen printing kit. With a practice and experimentation, I got better at screen printing t shirts. Now I screen print t shirts just for fun. I have custom screen printed t shirts as gifts for friends and family. And screen printing t shirts doesn’t have to be expensive. On these pages I show you how to do screen printing t shirts for cheap. Screen printing t-shirts can be a lot of fun!

How to screen print t-shirts, step by step:
1. Making The Artwork
2. Preparing The Screen
3. Exposing The Screen
4. Printing The T-Shirts
5. Heat Setting The Print
6. Reclaiming The Screen

Screen Printing Equipment